Crooked Fence Farm
Betsy MacIsaac
Putney, Vermont 05346

Farm History

John Perry, once residing in the fort on the Great Meadows, settled on this site in 1762, later moving to another location in Putney. The Aplin family came from Rhode Island and settled here in May of 1789. Generations farmed the land until they sold in 1967. During that time they raised tobacco and popcorn as well as maintaining dairy cattle and hens for egg production. It was once known as Bonneyvale Farm.

In 1830 a toll bridge from Putney to Westmoreland, NH was built below the farm across the Connecticut River. In 1846 the bridge was gone but remains of the tollhouse and bridge stonework still remain.

An Aplin family cemetery, stones dating from 1789-1826, sits not far from the house overlooking the river. The current barn was built in 1950 on the same site as the previous barn, which was destroyed by fire. The roof is bowed, constructed with laminated beams, sheltering the winter’s hay above and the animals below.



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